Planned Heritage Visits 2019/20

The British Government announced in November 2016 a support package to fund projects to improve the livelihoods of Chagossians in the communities where they now live. This includes a significantly expanded programme of Heritage Visits to the British Indian Ocean Territory.

Since November 2017, 76 Chagossians have taken part in five heritage visits.  Each group spent a week visiting the Territory.

Three further visits are likely to take place in:  October/November 2019; November/December 2019; and February 2020.  Each Heritage Visit can accommodate a maximum of 20 participants.  The Foreign and Commonwealth Office welcomes expressions of interest from Chagossians for places on these upcoming visits – please note you need to be 18 or over by the date of travel.  Priority will be given to those who were born in the Territory and those who have not participated previously in a Heritage Visit.  Applications from those of Chagossian descent, particularly children of parents born in the Territory, are also encouraged.

If you would like to be considered for a place on a visit, the following information will be required:

–       Name and contact details;

–       Scanned copy of your passport data page (please note passports must be valid for at least six months from the proposed date of travel) or National ID card;

–       Where applicable, confirmation that you were born in the British Indian Ocean Territory;

–       If you are of Chagossian descent, proof of this will be required – a copy of your birth certificate and that of your grandparent(s) and/or parent(s) (or ID card) indicating they were born in the British Indian Ocean Territory.

Please send these details by e-mail to:  Alternatively, copies of the required documentation can be sent in writing to the following address:


If living in UK

British Indian Ocean Territory Heritage Visit

Overseas Territories Directorate, Room W2.80

Foreign & Commonwealth Office, King Charles Street, London, SW1A 2AH


If living in Mauritius

British Indian Ocean Territory Heritage Visit

British High Commission Port Louis

7th floor, Cascades Building
Edith Cavell Street, P.O. Box 1063, Port Louis


If living in Seychelles

British Indian Ocean Territory Heritage Visit

British High Commission Victoria, 3rd Floor Oliaji Trade Centre,

Francis Rachel Street, Victoria, Mahé

The trip will be physically tiring with long hours spent on aeroplanes and boats and will require a certain level of mobility.  A short medical fitness questionnaire and physical assessment will need to be undertaken by all successful applicants. As such, you should consider your ability to cope with such a trip before applying as places are limited and will not be easily reassigned should you be unable to travel.

Allocation of places on heritage visits is at the discretion of the Foreign & Commonwealth Office and subject to (i) availability; (ii) prioritisation of applications from those born in the territory before 1973; (iii) applicants providing sufficient evidence that they meet the eligibility and medical fitness criteria set out in this advert; and (iv) prioritisation of applications from Chagossians who have not already participated in a Heritage Visit.

Expressions of interest with the required documentation must be received by Friday 7 June 2019