Fire Pits

Fires are permitted (although not encouraged) in the designated areas only. Strict guidelines in order to protect the environment must be adhered to:

  • Fires are permitted in the demarcated areas on Boddam and Ile de Coin only;
  • Fires must only be lit in open areas, cleared of all natural and flammable material for a 3m circumference around the fire, and with no overhanging branches less than 10m from the fire;
  • Fires must not be left unattended;
  • They must be no larger than 1m diameter and built no more than 60cm high;
  • You may only burn natural plant materials (no treated wood, plastic, or other man-made materials);
  • You must ensure they are fully extinguished (can be touched by hand) prior to departure.

Fire Pit 1

Ile Boddam

5°  21.4’ S, 72° 12.4’E

20m west of small pier and sited behind beach near old plantation building.

Fire Pit 2

Ile de Coin

5° 26.911′ S, 71° 45.562′ E

Within the square concrete structure adjacent to the beach, in front of the former plantation factory, a short distance from the old jetty to the north side of the island.

Over the years, many visitors have liked to do their bit to help the environment by initiating their own beach clean-ups of the ocean-borne rubbish that lands on the islands they are permitted to visit. We ask, however, that you do not burn any man-made materials (in line with BIOT’s fire regulations): given that the vast majority of ocean-borne rubbish is plastics, the burning of this rubbish would leave plastic particles which would make their way back into the ocean. If you would still like to help, we ask that you take the rubbish you collect with you when you leave (though appreciate, for many, space onboard would be a factor preventing this).