2 March Reef Exped

Download the full report here: Reef 1 Expedition 2018 Summary Report

The Bertarelli Programme in Marine Science Reef 1 Expedition 2018 aimed to undertake a survey of reef condition and especially reef recovery across the archipelago following the 2015-2016 warming events which had caused severe bleaching and mortality. In addition, instruments were deployed to build a more detailed picture of changes in environmental parameters affecting the reefs over time.

The expedition worked its way from Peros Banhos, Salomon and Blenheim atolls, and then to Nelson’s Island, The Three Brothers, Eagle Island and Danger island on the Great Chagos Bank, before a brief visit to Egmont atoll and Diego Garcia between March 27th and April 16th aboard the BIOT patrol vessel, Grampian Frontier.