6 Reef 2 Exped

Read the full report here: Reef Team 2 Expedition Report April 2019 (PDF)

The Bertarelli Programme in Marine Science Coral Reef Expedition to the British Indian Ocean Territory on Coral Reef Condition took place in April 2019, and involved Bangor University, Oxford University, University College of London, and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, USA. The team undertook 7 scientific tasks to investigate the current condition of the coral reefs at 34 sites across the archipelago as follows:

Tasks 1 & 2: Coral condition, cover, juveniles, and water temperatures (C. Sheppard, A. Sheppard).
Task 3: Extend video archive for long term assessment of coral reef benthic community structure (J. Turner, R. Roche, J. Sannassy Pilly).
Task 4: Three-dimensional determination of reef structural complexity and spatial analysis of coral recruitment (D. Bayley, A. Mogg).
Tasks 5 & 6: Spatiotemporal variations in internal wave driven upwelling and resilience potential across the Chagos Archipelago (G. Williams, M. Fox, A. Heenan, R. Roche)
Task 7: Coral reef recovery and resilience (B. Wilson and A. Rose)